I am Lizandra Pereira but you can call me Liz!

Every page here was created with all my love to make you “feel home” and inspired to make a real shift in your life! Also you will find good ideas about what you can do in order to get some inspiration and feel great!


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Lizpereira Music


After reading my story in THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR book you will find outin details how SOUNDS OF LIGHTS was born. There are 7 beautiful and special songs of mine, composed in 432Hz, which is the same vibration of the Universe, in the right keys and instruments that represent the main seven universal lights which have the power of healing and balancing our body and mind, as it happened to me. Also you will find Theta frequencies and binaural beats in the songs to help your brain to align to this vibration! The booklet contains 30 pages with a “28-Day – Easy Mind Relaxation” program and inspiring contents developed to guide you in how to get fully benefit with the SOUNDS OF LIGHTS! Also there are 3 Bonus tracks, Brazilian Choro Music recorded in 442Hz to show you the vibration difference and give you full enthusiasm to go through your day!


Maybe, at this present moment you are feeling like your life is just passing by and asking yourself:

is that it? Wont anything different happen”?

Well, I have an answer to give you: if you are not part of a very small percentage of people that are lucky, like me, the answer is NO! Nothing different will ever happen while you are doing the same things every single day of your life! Do you want something different? Do something different! THAT IS THE REAL SECRET!

Instead, why don’t you ask yourself some different questions? Such as: What can I do today to produce a different good feeling? What small change can I make now to start changing it (your situation)? How can I create more momentum in this kind of routine? What is the message behind this problem?

They were the questions I had asked myself during one and a half year when I couldn’t sleep more than 3 hours per night fighting with PTSD, depression, endless pains because of the run over, fear of leaving my flat and finding a lost car again and so on! You will read the full story in THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR book!