Liz Pereira is a Member of Global Sciences Foundation. Best-Selling Author throught the book THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR written in colaboration with DR. JOE VITALE (one of the participants on The Secret movie) and other authors; a Life Mentor with more than 11.000 hours of one to one “inspiring conversations”, menthoring and teaching; a Public Speaker for workshops, day events, as well as 5-day events; Speaker at Global Healing Summit 2020 and Dr. McKenna Academy Conference; an experienced Stage Musician with her own projects, including projects for children, as well as performances in orchestras, small and big groups; Healing Songs Channeler and Arranger (SOUNDS OF LIGHTS – ALBUM); participation in other musical projects and recordings; an experienced Entrepreneur by running her own business for over 30 years; Living Fully Concept Creator, that can be known and experienced through a 3-hour walk in the forest, a day event, 5-day Living Fully Magic Trip or one-to-one inspiring talk and by visiting Living Fully concept on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.