Watch Samples of My Work with these Videos

Sounds of Lights

This song was channeled and recorded in 432HZ to inspire and strenght Lighworkers and Starseeds’s journeys on Planet Earth! This song represents the purple universal light! In the Sounds of Lights album you will find another 6 channeled songs, one for each of the main chakras and colorful Universal Lights!

How to break away from negative life cycles!

THE CYCLES in life repeat over and over again until the moment we take the decision to face and break them away! Learn how to identify a cycle in this two- part video! Few words about the subject and a song called THE CYCLES, channeled and arranged by myself, that will talk and guide you in finding out those cycles as well as some ideas in how to start the change!

Loro (Egberto Gismonti)

Performed by Liz & João Pedro

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