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Sounds of Lights Album + Easy Mind Relaxation Program

                                     “This is music unlike anything I have ever heard. It is NOT of this world—listen to one of Liz’s beautiful melodies and you will sense that it’s something rare and special, as if it were a gift stolen from the gods themselves. Her music is love: it illuminates, it comforts, and it transforms. When she sat down at her piano, the notes she played for us were a revelation, an insight, and a gift to the world. Liz is a very special musician, and her music is unlike any I have ever heard before: a beautiful kind of magic that reveals the truth of who we are, and who we could be.”

(Irena, Vienna)

After reading my story in The Abundance Factor book you will find outin details how Sounds of Lights was born. There are 7 beautiful and special songs of mine, composed in 432Hz, which is the same vibration of the Universe, in the right keys and instruments that represent the main seven universal lights which have the power of healing and balancing our body and mind, as it happened to me. Also you will find Theta frequencies and binaural beats in the songs to help your brain to align to this vibration! The booklet contains 30 pages with a 28-Day – Easy Mind Relaxation program and inspiring contents developed to guide you in how to get fully benefit with the Sounds of Lights! Also there are 3 Bonus tracks, Brazilian Choro Music recorded in 442Hz to show you the vibration difference and give you full enthusiasm to go through your day!

Here are the options of Sounds of Lights to purchase:


(download version): 7 special songs of mine

+ 3 bonus tracks for

15,98 EUR

(VAT 20% incl.).


(download version): 7 special songs of mine, 3 bonus tracks, 30-page inspiring booklet that includes 28-Day Easy Mind Relaxation program, PDF to follow your success in relaxing, and the e-book “The Abundance Factor“as my exclusive gift for you , for only

23,99 EUR (VAT 20% incl.).


(includes CD, download version contents, delivery + VAT)

for only

19,98 EUR (VAT 20% incl.).

Online Store coming soon!

Stay tuned: very soon you will be able to find my music, courses and book via online shop. I am preparing it specially so you can have a better experience at purchasing my products and enjoying my music.

Meanwhile, listen to a sample of my music at the Official YouTube Channel.