Other Musical Projects

Interactive children’s concert “LET’S PLAY WITH CURUPIRA”

Musical Available in Portuguese, German or English

There are 3 different versions of this concert: Portuguese (VAMOS BRINCAR COM O CURUPIRA) , German (LASS UNS MIT CURUPIRA SPIELEN) and English  (LETS PLAY WITH CURUPIRA)!

Chiquinha (me, flute and vocals) and Zequinha (João Pedro, guitar) try to find Curupira in the Amazonas Fall by taking a “yellow flying train”! Curupira is the protector of the nature and has lots of animal friends. The concert develops in a way that children will learn how to sing, dance, play, and listen to great Brazilian music in a context specially created for this, while watching a funny theater piece. The flute gives the children all the elements to create all the scenes in their mind with trains, birds, suspense sound-effects!

The concert lasts 45 minutes and is a huge success in Austria and Europe! It is presented to children between 0-10 years old.

Read the testimonials and get some impressions on this special concert.

Surely children and also parents will love it!

For more information, please contact me. It will be great to travel with Curupira to your city or Country!


We offer a variety of instruments combinations, rythms and vocals according to the performance requested!

Liz Pereira (BRA/IT): vocals, flute, guitar, piano & frame drum
João Pedro (BRA/AT): vocals, guitar, cavaquinho & ghost band leader


Ipanema é aqui!

We perform a beautiful selection of choros, sambas, bossas novas and sertanejos (old country music) in a very original version, in the way you are going to listen in Brazil. This project is ideal for small parties and events.

Samba, Choro e Alegria!

In our repertory you will hear the best sambas, sambas enredos (carnival sambas) and choros. For this performance we count with a high quality “ghost band” (playalongs) created by João! This concert is a great option for big parties, events and open stages!

To Brazil with Literature & Music  ( in English)
Nach Brasilien mit Literatur & Musik – ( auf Deutsch)

In this project we present a parallel between literature, music and a bit of the history of Brazil from 1800 until 1969 in a very good humored way!

Ideal presentation for bookstores, libraries, schools, universities.


“Your wish is my command”

It can be a duo, a trio, a quartet, a band.

Let’s talk and find out what fits best

for your party, wedding, and events in general!

Let’s start planning it together now!

Please contact me for further information.

***** YOU ARE THE STAR *****


If you are thinking about playing or singing a song in your Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday Party, or any other Special Occasion, even if you are not a professional musician, actor or speaker,​


If you want to speak or perform something, we can also work on it! Get ready for this only ONE performance and BE THE STAR on such a special day!!!​

Skype coaching sessions for all over the world and personal coaching session in Vienna/Austria!

Please contact me for further details.


Classical guitar & Flute! Piano & Singing for beginners!

These are my offers in 30 or 50 minutes individual sessions. Together with some great material, I will guide you in how to learn music in a very natural way by respecting you as a unique-being!  Every session is programmed according to your rhythm!

It will be a pleasure to meet you every week to explore this wonderful world of music!

Please contact me for further details.