Sounds of Lights – for download


Style: New Age & Uplifiting Music
Description: 7 meditation songs in 432Hz in MP3
3 uplifting songs in 442Hz in MP3
30-page Inspiring booklet (in PDF ) is the simplest way possible to start
shifting your thoughts feelings and emotions!

Album Tracks:

  1.  Warm Summer Night
  2. Passion in Red Orange
  3. To the Sky and Sun
  4. Love for Peace
  5. Voices of The Soul
  6. Beautiful Vision
  7. Sounds of Lights
  8. Flor Amorosa
  9. Vou Vivendo
  10. Tico Tico no Fubá

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There are 7 beautiful and special songs of mine, composed in 432Hz, which is the same vibration of the Universe, in the right keys and instruments that represent the main seven universal lights which have the power of healing and balancing our body and mind, as it happened to me. Also you will find Theta frequencies and binaural beats in the songs to help your brain to align to this vibration! The booklet contains 30 pages with a “28-Day – Easy Mind Relaxation” program and inspiring contents developed to guide you in how to get fully benefit with the SOUNDS OF LIGHTS!


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