Your Personalized Quantum Healing Song


This option includes:

  • Personalized Healing Song recorded in a professional studio
  • 2 Individual 70 minutes Living Fully Inspiring Talks

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I am a professional musician and another great thing I did during this complicated time, was to research about the power of music in our bodies! I ended up finding out that certain kind of songs, composed in 432Hz frequency for example, brings your body to the same level of vibration of the universe. It means, you will come to a healing vibration state. Even better if combined with binaural beats and theta frequencies those bring both parts of your brain to a balance! It is a long subject that I may write a book about one day!

By combining all these information and the 7 main colorful lights from the universe those helped me not to die for twice already, the right keys and instruments, I decided to compose beautiful songs that will help you to feel amazing and in the booklet you will find a very simple way to relax your mind using the songs.

Have a personal healing song composed specially for you!