What are people’s opinions?

Here you find some testimonials from people who had been to my concerts, people who bought them,
musicians who played with me, as well as some students! The texts are published in the language I received them.

Every opinion is always welcome!

“This is music unlike anything I have ever heard. It is NOT of this world—listen to one of Liz’s beautiful melodies and you will sense that it’s something rare and special, as if it were a gift stolen from the gods themselves. Her music is love: it illuminates, it comforts, and it transforms. When she sat down at her piano, the notes she played for us were a revelation, an insight, and a gift to the world. Liz is a very special musician, and her music is unlike any I have ever heard before: a beautiful kind of magic that reveals the truth of who we are, and who we could be.”

Irena, Vienna


Liz und der Guitarre Spieler traten mit ihrem Programm „Lass und mit Curupira spielen“ in unserer Reihe Lalala – Konzerte für Kinder auf und haben sofort die Herzen aller großen und kleinen Zuhörer_innen erobert. Das Stück bietet eine dramaturgisch ausgewogene Mischung aus Musik und Geschichten aus der brasilanischen Heimat der Künstlerin. Kurze Bewegungselemente lockern die Stimmung auf und die Zuhörer_innen sind nach dem Stück um viel Wissen über und Melodien aus Brasilien reicher.

Cosima Sindlhofer, kulturen in bewegung/VIDC

Hi liebe Liz,

hier ist die Mutter von Sebastian & Lara, es war das zweite Mal, die wir bei der Curupira Veranstaltung dabei waren…Sensationell!!! Die Kinder lieben es & sie haben viel Spaß um mitzumachen!

Vielen Dank für euren Auftritt!
Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf nächstes Mal!
Wir wünschen euch viel Erfolg!!!

Clarice Martins – Vienna / Austria

Eu achei a apresentação muito bonita e criativa! Adorei relembrar minha infância com as músicas. As crianças ficaram vidradas, prestando atenção o tempo todo! Foi realmente muito bom e adorei poder participar da roda.

Elisangela Valente

“Liz Pereira is an incredible and highly skilled musician who has the capacity to make music completely  alive.  She can express so many different colors and moods with her flute, her rhythm is amazing and when she plays everybody can feel her natural understanding of music.
It´s a joy to listen to her and to play music with her”.

Julia Siedl – Pianist – Vienna / Austria

“Flauta Chorona na Áustria!!!
Que felicidade conhecer a flautista Liz Pereira nesse ano de 2016 e felicidade maior ainda saber que ela toca música brasileira na Áustria!!!
A flauta brejeira dessa brasileira traz uma alegria contagiante, além da sonoridade requintada de quem sabe o que quer expressar!
Ela passeia por maxixes, polcas, choros e valsas nos convidando ao passeio.
Convite aceito, Liz!!
Vamos desfrutar”!!

Gabriela Machado – Flautista da Banda Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo/Brasil.

“Having Liz and Gustavo playing at our wedding was one of the highlights of the whole day! Everyone who attended commented upon how fantastic the music was and how it really added to the festivities … we have Liz and Gustavo to thank for that!
They are wonderful artists and their playlist of Choros from Brasil had our guests (and us) clapping and cheering before the food was even ready …
Not only are they great to listen to, they are also lovely, friendly people and stayed to celebrate with us and to chat to our guests after they had finished their set!
Our wedding was made extra special because of their presence!
Thank you so much!”.

Katherine and Raini Steiner / Vienna

I enjoyed Liz’s every single concert so far.  She’s authentic, full of joy, passion and love. Her music is beautiful and represents who she is.  Her performance touches my soul by reminding me of importance of being who I am and trusting my heart. My 4 year daughter also enjoys her concert very much!!

Yu Sakamoto

“Duo Vienna Brazil  = SUCESSO!!!
Com Liz Pereira, brasileira, na flauta acompanhada de guitarra, apresenta repertório com arranjos e ritmos especiais, inesquecíveis!
Músicas de Tom Jobim, Vila Lobos, Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Milton Nascimento, Luiz Gonzaga, Jacob do Bandolim, Zequinha de Abreu e muiiiitas outras, refletem a riqueza de repertório e improvisação da Liz e do guitarrista, além do profissionalismo, flexibilidade e bom humor.
Apresentaram tudo do melhor que esperamos para nossa festa!”

Fátima and Ulf Mannhardt

“Großartiger Abschluß, Ausklang meiner Ausstellung. Symbiose von Musik und bildender Kunst”.

Michael Riegner – Kunstler / Klosterneuburg – Österreich

“Falar de você, quando você pega na sua flauta e se embola nas notas musicais é falar de energia boa e troca de axé!!  A vitalidade, o carinho, o amor que você tem pela música e pela flauta é algo que contagia a todos. Tocar com você é trocar energia boa, é prosperar, é acreditar que ainda existem pessoas que verdadeiramente merecem viver da música, pois fazem da música a sua alma, a sua maneira de viver, a sua base de vida, e o meio de levar alegria para as pessoas. Tocar com você pra mim é isto tudo! Para um carioca, como eu, nascido e criado na Comunidade do Andaraí, não 100% músico, mas que tem muito respeito e gratidão pela música por tudo que tem hoje, ter dividido o palco com uma excelente musicista como você foi uma honra e um privilégio! Eu te agradeço por ter tido esta troca de energia durante as 6 semanas que estive na Áustria em 2014, e em 2016 aqui no Rio quando trocamos várias ideias sobre música!
Em resumo: Para mim, tocar com você é receber um pouco desta energia maravilhosa que é VOCÊ!!!”

Tiago Bial – Percussionista da Escola de Samba Salgueiro /Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

“Liz and Ricardo Vila played at the opening of my first solo exhibition as a visual artist in Vienna. Their music brought a special kind of energy to the evening and having my guests clapping along and singing made the opening night even more wonderful!
The content of the exhibition was based on deep personal suffering and having such an upbeat energy infused into my show gave the work a new perspective, helping me to talk amongst my potential clients without the feelings of this suffering coming to the surface …
I am extremely grateful for Liz and Ricardo’s help with the evening and the fact that I sold nearly all the pieces in the show is a testament to their lively and positive presence there!”

Kate Steiner – Visual Artist – Vienna

Wonderful music, beautifully done video!
This is no more to the humans it is to the gods in us, to nature who brought us all up and together!

Your smile – when you touch the tree and listen to its song – is as though it would come right out of the earth and only uses you as a submitter of happiness to all others. It really touches the heart, not only as a human, but also the heart of the tree!

And the slow views from above and from the beauty of nature are nearly irrational! Magic!
And the temple you stand in seems to make one understand holy places made by mankind to find paradise on earth!

I didn’t know, that you were able to do that kind of music too, melting life and fairy tales into one. I love it!

Adrienne, Vienna.

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